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Message from the Chairman

The Association of News Agencies of Turkic Speaking Countries (TKA) aims to promote the rich culture, history and development of Turkic speaking nations, and strengthen their unity. Over the recent years, we have witnessed Turkic speaking nations support each other. Intensification of the relations between our nations necessitates a revival of the activity of TKA.

In May 2008, AZERTAC hosted the 7th meeting of TKA General Assembly in Baku. The meeting saw participants take a range of vital decisions aimed at developing the activity of the Association. It also featured the launch of the Association`s website and the admission of new members. At the meeting, AZERTAC took over the chairmanship of TKA from Anadolu Agency.

Anadolu Agency has done a lot in terms of building and managing TKA`s website, which functioned successfully for a long time. Unfortunately, because of the technical reasons the website has worked with some delays recently.

The website has restored its activity on the initiative of AZERTAC. The management of the website moved from Anadolu Agency to AZERTAC as the chair of TKA. It is our hope that by reviving the website we, the news agencies, will contribute to the development of mutual relations between our nations and countries.

The successful activity of our joint information resource is available only through contribution of each member agency. Your proposals on how to improve the website would be of great benefit to our joint work.

Best regards,

Aslan Aslanov
Chairman, Association of News Agencies of Turkic Speaking Countries (TKA)
Director General, AZERTAC

Baku, August 13, 2015

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